Tuesday, 8 March 2011

First time..


I am Chaleen Arendse ,19 years old young woman that still searching for my "true" identity. Although i am not there yet, I believe one day I will be a empowered Woman.I live in Cape-Town/Stellenbosch with my Aunt,Maureen who legally adopted me in 2007.

I matriculated in 2009 and passed all my subjects. This will be my blog to talk about my life experiences and aim is to empower others with my stories ad give them hope.


  1. great story girl and i hope u find what you lookig for

  2. thank you ,my darling ...I adore yours as well mwa .
    Hoping the same for you

  3. i know losing a parent is hard but u know everything happens for a reason.i hope u stay strong and get to reach 4 the stars!

  4. Hey Chaleen

    Congrats on your blog. Well done for going through the whole course. I hope that you will continue to blog.